Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Shake responsibility off.

"You try to bring as many people into your life as you can. Though you can barely keep yourself in tact. Why try to care for someone so deeply, When you choose to make the decisions that you do? You'll lose your mind, forget about the time, wake up forgotten and get on with your life. And yes, inbetween the dark spots, you still don't know. Inbetween the dark spots, are the things that you wouldn't ever want surfaced. Oh at the cost of fun how you'll ruin your life, though it's not quite ruined for you. Take advantage of yourself, cry out for help, turn around and blame on somebody else. You tend to be selective when you want to think about the ones you love. You'll pick and chose what's self-destructive and what it means to you. Go out on your own, turn off your phone, and blame it on bad timing."

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