Friday, May 22, 2009

A few hundred miles back in your mind.

"Underpack and oversleep,
Rush your day and spend the night with me.
No rules and it sounds good like that.
Wake up to something you can't take back.
Hum in your mind, whistle to yourself.
Here a voice in the back of your mind,
And if you choke, make sure to swallow
Down every rationale thought.
All the clothes he bought,
And every minute of happiness.
Oh how time flies at our expense."

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

When it's dire, you're too tired.

"Every now and then I get reminded about all the bad things that have happened. It comes when you're at your lowest and you can feel it in all senses. You push it out of your mind because you think you're mentally fit, but it comes around again. You can even smell it when you least expect it, and you can see it every time you close your eyes. If it had a taste you'd starve yourself for days. Instead you stay in bed, lie awake, and prey for sleep. You're too tired to scream so you let it happen it your head. You're too tired to go on so you prey for the end. It's the people who wouldn't love you back, it's the burning house you almost slept through, it's the times where the future is too long to wait for. Impatience sets in and you're anxious, and you're too tired to stay alive."