Monday, September 21, 2009

Strange days.

"There are times when I want to rip apart my face, and then there are times I wish to not. I usually settle for resting my face inbetween my hands because I'm far too drained to move. These are the moments that weight me down, that wear me down, that maim me. The words speak louder than the actions when you're weak, you only hurt yourself, and you have no one to protect. You're your own, friend or enemy, you are your own. Head swimming with thoughts of nothing, the white noise deafens you, and you just want a way out. Claw your way inside and pry for an end, you're only hurting yourself all over again."

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's really laughable ah-ha ha-ha-ha ha.

"There's nothing clever in the way you act, the things you say are all rehashed. You trade off pre-written lines with one another, and you claim your own. How can you be yourself when you can not speak for yourself? When every other line you speak is from some other, far more creative than you. The more you listen, and the more you read, will not make you anymore like who you want to be. A hardhearted fan sits in the balcony, eyes filled with passion as they watch the way he moves, and the way he sounds from afar. This is not you, you excuse yourself from it all because you think you understand. Though with a head so big, and a mind so narrow, there's no one to tell you different. And I'm sorry, I truly am, for you having to be the way you are. I'm sorry, I truly am."

Friday, September 4, 2009

Hello, it's me. You shouldn't be expecting anybody.

"Attention's what I seek, attention's what I crave. It's what I need and you need to give it to me. I love someone with their head in their hands because I make them weak. I love to break people down to the point where they'll grovel at my feet. I see nothing wrong in my actions, because I don't care. I just need someone to unwind at because I suffocate from time to time, being so wrapped up in myself. I'm not yours, never was. You may of thought so, but that's your own fault. I am myself, and I can be anyone's if I please. I'll leave you confused and frustrated, but you brought that on yourself. You can stay, you can leave, I just know that you can never live without me."

The root of all...

"My stomach sinks when I think, and I lose all appetite. You managed to bring everything down, whether you're here or you're home, it never stops.You're the reason why I can't quite sleep right. You're every single excuse for why I'll stay in every single night. Everything I called my own, I gave to you in one way or another, you may not have it, but you know you took it. You could of gave it away, because you didn't want to hold it. You could of forgot about rent and had to of sold it. I'm lost, and you're blind, when we're together we're wasting our time. We'll talk later."

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pacific Standard Time.

"Will you be my vampire, doll?
We'll stay up all night, and sleep through the dawning light.
Once bitten, now I'm never turning back.
You have my blood on your lips,
Fatally indebted as a matter of fact.
Your Snow White skin, pale and cold,
Dead black hair, and dead blue eyes, sure have a hold,
On me, wide-eyed and ready.
For the rest of our lives, never ending."