Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Don't say those things.

"No one likes you when you wear your heart on your sleeve, but I don't like anyone so I could care less what they think. Stop staring, you're making me uncomfortable. Stop talking, you're not helping. When you touch me, I squirm. You came at the worst possible time. You give your best and your best certainly isn't enough, but I don't have anything else. No one is forcing the gun from my head, I could always go ahead. It's something you'll get over, I think. It's something you need to get over if you want me to be happy. They'd rather hold me down and pry my eyes open to see the life I don't want to live anymore instead of letting me go. I just need to let myself go, this is something I have to do for myself. All this guilt is weighing me down and I need to cut my own leg off to unwrap it all from me. Wait till you get home, there's so much more they want you to see. So much more you've had enough of. I need a push, there is an end, and it's there if I want it."

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