Thursday, April 30, 2009

We have a lot in common, you and I.

"You said that I make you feel worthless,
Well I really couldn't argue that.
Turn up the radio to drown you out,
Your voice is starting to get too loud.
You seem to love complaining.
Well I'm guilty of that myself,
But aren't you tired of talking?
Shut up.

Disconnect opportunity.
And pick apart what you'd do to me.
As if we couldn't get any further,
Your self-esteem isn't getting any stronger.

Oh I get it.
You're sexually frustrated.
Oh I get it.

Hearing you moan,
On the other side of the telephone,
Is really overwhelming.
Hearing you do this to yourself.

Run around my life and undo ties,
I'm starting to enjoy it.
Or see your life through blood shot eyes,
You're so pathetic.

Oh I get it.
You're sexually frustrated.
Oh I get it.
I'm sorry.

No one exists when I'm by myself,
No one exists,
No one else."

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Good for you.

"I paid for a functioning suicide machine, not years of nightmarish dreams. Congratulations, you have killed the child inside of me. You have stripped me of any mental stability. I am grateful, for I am adult now, it is safe to say that I'm now in a real world. I now think like you, act like you, aspire like you, I will be you. We copy and we manipulate to achieve anything for success, we measure it by how everyone else does. We ruin it for everyone else in order to proceed with our lives. We are uninterrupted, and relaxed. We are normal."

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

We can dream.

"We lay beside another and stayed up through the morning, fell asleep in the afternoon, and had the night to ourselves. We lived like vampires, and the night was ours, nothing could stop you and I. You were so pale, and I was more alive than ever before. We put up the shades to keep the sun away, when we sleep through the day. We took comfort in the stale warm projection from our television, we were content with one another, nothing else mattered. I had your soul in my hand, we held on tight, and you gave me everything. Near death on the inside, but we are the only thing keeping each other alive."

Friday, April 3, 2009

April 3rd, you're still alone.

"You're now chain smoking cigarettes, because you know just as well as I do, what you've done. You act nervous but it doesn't help your case, I still refuse to give you the time of day. I did not make you the way you are, you did this to yourself. I did not choose to end up with you, you did that to me. Hug your toliet seat, it'll be the only friend that won't get up and walk away. Drink yourself into a coma for days and days and days. "

Thursday, April 2, 2009


"The coffins point northeast and we continue our way through the light. One lays isolated amungst a vast land of green, of firmiliarity, of home. Something so frail, has the ability to be taken away too soon, unsuspecting. It is carefully placed, as it is carefully put away. One is only left to think of your outcome, and your being. You have made an escape and you want to journey outward. We gather, and we celebrate you, and your being. You are surrounded by firmiliarity, you are home. "

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"Why don't you just get over me?"

"She told me that even if she marries someone else, she'd still be thinking of me. If even she has children and starts a family, she'd still be thinking of me. She left and has yet to come back, yet she said she'd still be thinking of me. She told me she found someone else, she's bound to make a name for herself in college, so now do you still think of me? Were you a liar, or were you just getting too ahead of yourself, with all this talk about thinking of me. We catch up on a monthly basis, and talk about small conversation, and I'm waiting, to see what you'll say. If you'll break from the boring chatter, and express how you've been feeling years after, you made this mistake. Do you wonder, like I wonder, because I don't think there's any other explaination as to why you wouldn't be thinking of me."