Monday, September 21, 2009

Strange days.

"There are times when I want to rip apart my face, and then there are times I wish to not. I usually settle for resting my face inbetween my hands because I'm far too drained to move. These are the moments that weight me down, that wear me down, that maim me. The words speak louder than the actions when you're weak, you only hurt yourself, and you have no one to protect. You're your own, friend or enemy, you are your own. Head swimming with thoughts of nothing, the white noise deafens you, and you just want a way out. Claw your way inside and pry for an end, you're only hurting yourself all over again."


  1. is it that your thoughts are the only thing destroying you?
    if so, I agree.
    more than agree.

    I'm totally living this.

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  3. Yeah it's being infested in being complacent with your nothingness, or your lack of feeling.