Thursday, August 13, 2009

Days of permanence.

"In a way I'm numb, so I feel like nothing. In a way I'm nothing, but don't call me that. It could be said that I don't care, as well as it could be said that you care far too much. I could pretend like you don't, but who's the one to get ahead of their-self? I watch you, from a distance of course, and I notice the way you break. I can see your wall dissipate, I can hear your being separate. What have you molded into? This love has surely taken the best of you. It seems you have broken off the key inside of the lock, jumped the gun and now regret. Fish in between the cracks, break your nails for the rest. Too far in to take out now, this is the life you chose. In a way I'm numb, but I can still laugh."

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