Thursday, November 5, 2009

I'd say July.

"I like the nothingness of a Carolina, one of those times where you want to sit with the a/c on all day. When you walk to the store to get what you want, and don't really want to go back out. A pools a luxury, when the beach is not in reach. You see the heat rise from the pavement, you see the palm trees and you know you're not at home anymore. You let the sun settle under your skin, and you let the cool breezes catch up to you because you don't let this type of satisfaction go to waste. Who needs a place to stay when you could be outside all day? It's something I need, I want to be caught up in the boring midst of everyday life, while doing nothing at all. I want to watch the cars go by while I have nowhere to really go. It's a permanent summer day that I want to relive over and over."

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